Larissa Jaks

Larissa Jaks is a Photographer and Director originally from Austin, Texas.

As a Texas native, Larissa tries to embody the Americana spirit of the South within her work. She often thinks to herself ... "should everyone wear cowboy hats?".


With a respect, nostalgia, and simultaneous longing for the Good Ol' Days, Larissa shoots primarily in Analog formats. * Think Medium Format, Polaroid, & Super 8. Her passion for documenting the human experience has led her to work with brands, bands, dogs, horses, humans, magazines, and tent's that don't stand straight in 30 mph winds. 


Aside from what is stated above, she enjoys Waylon Jennings, Bukowski's humor, camping... in even the worst of conditions, and Micheladas. 

She hopes you enjoy her work and that right now in this very second she isn't blowing her cover of writing this herself.

With Love, 

Larissa Jaks

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